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SPHS series Wet extruder for animal feed production

SPHS series Wet extruder

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Date: Friday, March 16, 2012

Frank Qu from ZhengChang talks about their Extruder line-up for floating fish feed at Victam 2012

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1. Adjustable automatic feeding system, ensure conditioner operate stably.
2. Use all stainless steel double shaft differential diameter conditioner, high efficiency premix and kneading system, achieving the best conditioning status.
3. Use the screw thread insert with lamination structure, add cold water or steam into lamination, providing cooling or keep warm action,ensure the best cooking effect,achieving the best extruded quality. Special change of screw design, the extruded effect is better.
4. Use mobile cutter mechanism with high elasticity blade could be could be equipped with stepless speed regulation device.Change template as needed to achieve different diameter and shape extruded feed.
5. Stainless steel discharging mechanism outer pellet mill.
6. Produce pet feed and all kinds of sinkable and float aquatic feed.
Technical parameters:

Type Model:SPHS168
Main motor power KW:132/160
Pellet diameter(mm):1-10



Main Power (kw)

Capacity (t/h)

Pellet Diameter (mm)





SPHS series Wet extruder