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RECOMAST bovine mastitis´s prevention and rapid recovery


Bovine Mastitis is the inflammation of the mammary gland and udder tissue that causes in the biochemical composition of milk and is a major endemic disease of dairy cattle. It usually occurs as an immune response to bacterial invasion of the teat canal by variety to bacterial sources present on the farm, and can also occur as a result of chemical, mechanical, or thermal injury to the cow’s udder. When the bacteria enter the udder through the teat canal, they find nutrients in the udder and multiply rapidly. Their metabolic byproducts cause poisoning of the udder ssues resulting into an inflammation. The inflammation is due to the cow’s autoimmune response to the toxic metabolites released by the bacteria. 

Despite knowledge about causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention, mastitis continues to rob dairy industry by incurring heavy economic losses to the dairy farmers. Moreover, the use of synthetic antibiotics is being increasingly discouraged because their presence in dairy milk may have potential downstream effects on human health and because of their microbial resistance. To address this concern for a sustainable alternative, RECOMAST was designed as a supporve biotherapy for prevention and control of mastitis. 

RECOMAST is a sustainable remedial product of herbal combinations an-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and immunomodulatory properties. The active phytocompounds in RECOMAST have immune-potentiating effect to enhance udder immunity and also augments rapid recovery of mammary glands. It is recommended for its prophylactic efficacy against sub-clinical mastitis and also in conjuction with other NSAID’S (Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) which are widely used for treatment. 

Salient Features

-Provides rapid recovery during ongoing antibiotic treatments

-Augments efficacy of intramammary antibiotics

-A holistic product for organic dairy farmers to prevent mastitis


-Recommended after antibiotic treatment for faster growth of the lost useful flora

-Faster mulplication of the lost milk producing cells in the udder

-Remove stress and build udder immunity after parturition

-Effectively prevents mastitis, metritis and retention of placenta


1. Amrita (Tinospora cordifolia) - is analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory herb which also helps to build immunity.

2.Turmeric (Curcuma longa) - is also anti -bacterial and helps in healing of wounds. Due to its strong antioxidant properties it prevents death of the healthy cells of mammary gland and all other organs affected by invasion of pathogens.

3. Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus acidophilus- have anti- bacterial action against major pathogens like Staphylococci and Streptococci which cause mastitis, metritis and chronic wounds.

4. Zinc - maintains healthy keran layer and prevents entry of pathogens in the udder. Moreover, it is responsible for effective functioning of macrophages, the cells responsible to enhance immunity.

5. Nucleodes are responsible to build new cells when millions of healthy cells in udder are lost due to mastitis, metritis, infections and repair of wounds in all other organs where cells are lost rapidly. In normal course the feed cannot meet the heavy demand by the body to make new cells. Similarly, in enteritis, speedy recovery of intestinal cells is required and nucleotides become necessary to repair the gut cells as speedily as possible.

Feeding Recommendation

-1.5 - 2 kg per tonne of feed

-20 g per animal per day