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CALMATROPE natural calming effect for pigs


Tail biting and other forms of aggressive behaviour like ear, flank and vulva biting are frustrang manage mental problems that leads to severe economic losses for producers and is also a major animal welfare issue. Such biting can give rise to wounds which causes secondary infections which may lead to growth reduction, lameness, paralysis, death or carcass condemnaons. Moreover, the taste of blood and the unease in the stall can lead to an escalation of the problem as other pigs start to adopt the negative bitibng behaviour.

Though, tail biting has been aributed to physical, environmental, nutritional and feeding management, group size, overcrowding, gender, genetic makeup, length of tail and lack of substrates, the exact cause remains exclusive and controlled experimental studies on tail biting have been variable in their successes. However, a quick response is a key to prevent such aggressive behaviours which is a universal concern for animal caretakers across the world.

CALMATROPE is a novel combination of synergic polyherbal formulations, serotonin precursors, muscle relaxants and antioxidants. It is recommended for the quick intervention in cases of abnormal aggressive behaviour to induce calming effect in domestic pigs.

Reduction in aggression and stress also prevents changes in muscle chemistry and improves meat quality parameters.

Key Ingredients

Polyherbal formulations - A synergic herb mixture of Valeriana wallichii, Nardostachys jatamansi, Bacopa monnieri, Centella asiaca and Withania somnifera. The active components of these medicinal herbs are known for their anxiolytic properes which can help curb the stress responses without impairing the feed intake and activity.

Tryptophan - It is necessary for the serotonin production in the brain which is associated with influencing aggression, pain sensivity, temperature regulation, sexual behaviour, etc.

Magnesium - It is able to reduce the plasma corticosteroids and neuro-muscular smulation which optimizes muscle function and minimizes nervous behaviour.

Vitamin E and C - Antioxidave properties

Benefits and Features

-Reduction in aggressive behaviour and tail biting

-Lower incidence of skin, shoulder and loin lesions

-Low carcass damage

-Safe and natural ingredients that comply with feed and farming regulations

Feeding Recommendations

For Individual feeding: 0.1 g per kg body weight per day (0.1g / kg BW / day)

For feed incorporation: 3 - 4 kg per tonne of feed


As recommended by the veterinarian

Note: This dose can be adjusted according to the results. Reduce dosage gradually after 2 weeks.