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STALOSAN® Skin repair- Wound-healing ointment for cattle

STALOSAN® Skin repair

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Date: Monday, October 6, 2014

Plamen Bochukov, Stalosan Technical Manager introduces Vilofoss' new program for biosecurity, based on different versions of the product.

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Round the clock effective protection of wounds

Wounds on shoulders, ears and flanks, wounds caused by tail biting, leg mange,
hooves cracks and skin irritations...

Skin wounds and infections may seriously affect the animal heath, due to the destroyed protective mechanism against environmental pathogens and very often lead to financial losses.

Stalosan Skin Repair is a unique wound-protection ointment providing visible results within a short period of time. Stalosan Skin Repair is easy to administer: Simply apply it all-over the wound of the animal, repeat daily as long as needed, until the wound has disappeared.

Several trials have shown that Stalosan Skin Repair effectively protects the wound against environmental hazards and significantly minimizes the recovery time. E.g. the wounds on the shoulders of farrowing sows have healed with 0.15 cm per day; this corresponds to a halving of the usual healing time. No side effects have been observed.

Stalosan Skin Repair pH is close to the healthy animal skin and effectively protects wounds from the irritating effect of ammonia and other harmful substances, shortening the period of wound healing.

Stalosan Skin Repair can be applied onto irritated skin, wounds and skin infections with all domestic animals.

Stalosan Skin Repair has been developed and patented as a liquid bandage which dries out quickly and forms protective layer over the wound. It provides favourable conditions for
faster skin recovery and prevents wounds from infections. Stalosan Skin Repair is particularly useful against exuding and difficult wounds in a humid

Effective solution for wound protection

Wound-protection and desiccating ointment

Unique effect and provide visible results within a short period of time.

Stalosan Skin Repair is suitable for cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, dogs and cats. The ointment provides a beneficial effect on skin defects caused by ringworm, leg mange, mechanical wounds and scratches.

Stalosan Skin Repair has a soft consistency and is easy to apply. The ointment is applied directly onto the wound of the animal skin in a form of covering layer.

Trials have proved that Stalosan Skin Repair is acting fast and efficiently. E.g. it has halved the
healing time of the wound on the shoulders of farrowing sows.

In other words Stalosan Skin Repair is the most efficient wound-protective product at a good price, compared with other available products on the market.

Wound-protective and drying ointment for continuous use
To be applied directly onto irritated skin,
wounds, skin infections, etc.

Packing: 290 g and 2.5 kg

STALOSAN® Skin repair
  • STALOSAN® Skin repair
  • STALOSAN® Skin repair