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FIBERMAX fiber for calves in the milk-feeding period


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Date: Monday, April 4, 2011
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Dietary fibres are essential ingredients in nutrition

For many years nutritionists have recommended a certain amount of dietary fibres in the daily food. Dietary fibres have a stabilising effect on digestion and prevent life-style related diseases such as fatness, arteriosclerosis, etc.

Research carried out on the fragile group of animals, e.g. calves during the milk-feeding period, also showed that a fibrous product can prevent diarrhoea and improve the generalintestinal health.

Development of Vitfoss-Fibermax

Vitfoss developed the ideal combination of fibres for calves in the milk-feeding period.

The product has been tested with several farmers raising calves, and the results showed improved health, increased interest in eating and additional gain.

Essential fatty acids

Vitfoss-Fibermax is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids; these acids are essential to animals and should be added to the calf feed. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are known to have several positive influences such as improved immune system due to the anti-inflammatory impact of fatty acids and positive impact on the development of  the digestive tract, which is vital especially in the beginning of the calf life.


Citric acid has been added to Vitfoss-Fibermax at the rate of 1 gram. Acidification has  a certain anti-bacterial effect in the intestines. At application of the recommended amount of 20 g Vitfoss-Fibermax per litre milk 1 g of citric acid per litre milk is applicated.

Facts on Vitfoss-Fibermax

■ A brownish powder that contains a combination of plant fibres, which have proved to have a positive impact on diarrhoea, thus leading to improved production output.

■ A good supplement that ensures a safe and good weaning.

■ Sold in 25 KG bags.

Directions for use for Vitfoss-Fibermax for calves

■ Vitfoss-Fibermax should be used during the entire milk-feeding period at a rate of 20 g per 1 litre colostrum, full-cream milk or ready-mixed milk replacer.

■ In the case of diarrhoea use 30-40 g Vitfoss-Fibermax per 1 litre ready-mixed milk.

■ Vitfoss-Fibermax should carefully be mixed in heated milk.

■ Milk containing Vitfoss Fibermax should be fed immediately after mixing.

Neither control group nor test group had diarrhoea at any time.

With Vitfoss-Fibermax a great dietetic effect, the gain in herds with diarrhoea is expected to be much higher. Other trials with Vitfoss-Fibermax carried out with affected herds have already shown this effect.


Several farmers found that use of Vitfoss-Fibermax makes it easier to rear calves. Testing here also showed that the calves was doing significantly better through the first 14 days if they obtained Vitfoss-Fibermax in milk.

              1.6 kg increased weigh gain during the first 2 weeks