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News published on October 12, 2018
Special Nutrients, a worldwide leading supplier of scientifically proven mycotoxins binders, sponsors the Latin American Poultry & Nutrition  - LPN Miami, October 23- 25th 2018, in Miami, Florida...
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Eddie Ruiz De PellonManuel Contreras
News published on June 26, 2018
Royal Agrifirm Group has signed the agreement to acquire Special Nutrients, the Miami based leading provider of scientifically proven mycotoxin binders. For Special Nutrients, this step supports the further de...
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Eddie Ruiz De PellonFernando Tamames
Article published the June 22, 2017
Introduction Traditionally, the presence of mycotoxins capable of causing damage in animal production has been demonstrated by detecting certain levels in ingredients and / or rations. Since this technique ...
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Manuel Contreras
News published on June 5, 2017
Special Nutrients, Inc. worldwide leading supplier of scientifically proven mycotoxins binders, will attend at World Pork Expo 2017 (June 7 – 9) that will be held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in De...
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Eddie Ruiz De PellonJosep Garcia Sirera
News published on March 27, 2017
April 2017. After many years of successful career, Dr. Douglas Zaviezo decided to retire and enjoy a well-deserved everlasting vacation; even though it is quite possible to find him still participating in some...
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Douglas Zaviezo
News published on November 4, 2016
Special Nutrients, Inc.,    is looking for a technical consultant that has experience with dairy diseases and dairy nutrition to work with our Asian distributors.  Knowledge of Chinese market pr...
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Alina Rouch
This book is written by Professors Carlos Mallmann and Paulo Dilkin from th...
We at Special Nutrients are proud to announce that we have just completed t...
Natural Dipolar Mycotoxin AdsorbentDESCRIPTION: Broad spectrum mycotoxin ad...