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Special Nutrients, mycotoxin adsorbents

Special Nutrients - United States

Special Nutrients
Special Nutrients
We will be present at:
October 17, 2023 to October 19, 2023
Miami, Florida, United States
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Special Nutrients, produces and markets Additives for animal feeding and Organic Agriculture. Their shareholders have more than 35 years of experience in the Industry of Additives for animal feeding in the United States and Spain exporting their products Worldwide through their net distributors. Our leading product is Myco-Ad, the only mycotoxin adsorbent in the market with its unique characteristics. Recently Special Nutrients has incorporated a new division with several Organic products used in the Agriculture, offering viable and ecological alternatives to the Agri-Chemical Synthetic pollutants.

Poultry, swine and dairy producers admit today that the presence of mycotoxins in the feed is one of the main factors affecting animal production and consider that mycotoxins are becoming as important as bacterial and viral diseases. This attitude represents a completely different approach to the importance given to mycotoxins in 1987 when the first mycotoxins adsorbent was launched into the global market. It is important to emphasize that as part of the evaluation of the first absorbents, a key factor in that evolution was to demonstrate protection of target organs. At that time most growers considered that mycotoxins did not represent a serious problem.

As a result of the higher prices of feed ingredients, their quality is getting worse, with some grains showing higher levels of mycotoxins. High contamination levels can also be found in distillers grains, an ingredient in increasing supply, originated from the use of corn in ethanol production in the US.

We should point out that nowadays there are still some producers that confuse mycotoxicosis with other diseases.

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