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Silvateam S.p.a.
Silvateam S.p.a.
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Silvateam is a world leader in the production and sales of functional vegetable extracts for different industries, such as animal nutrition, food, wine, beer and other technical applications. 

With an annual turnover of around 140 million euro in 2014, the Group brings together the know-how of six affiliated companies, operating in Italy and South America with many commercial offices across the five continents. This organisational approach allows Silvateam to offer products and services to over 10,000 clients worldwide.

Animal nutrition division

During the last 30 years, vegetable extracts have been used in animal nutrition. Silvateam has been the pioneer of this business since the nineteen-eighties thanks to the production of special vegetable blends, naturally rich in polyphenols and tannins.

Skilled technicians, with proven international experience, manage projects to meet tight deadlines and furnish technical assistance in the field.

Silvateam uses its global knowledge and marketing experience to address local issues and deliver local solutions at an affordable price. This allows the company to maintain quick customer response times and excellent service and follow through.

Vegetable extracts for healthy animals

Silvateam has designed a range of vegetable extracts, rich in polyphenols, tannins and other active ingredients that are commercialised under the registered brand name of Silvafeed®.

These natural extracts 100% are simple to use for farmers, appealing to animals and have a good flavour profile. 

Silvateam product development is focused on the identification of the most appropriate ingredients for each particular species. The most important segments for the company are monogastrics (poultry, swine and rabbits), ruminants (beef cattle and dairy cows), aquaculture (fish and shrimp) and pet food.

With outstanding knowledge and long experience Silvateam can provide its customers with excellent advice on which solution is the right one for their particular application. The company can recommend which product is best to use in particular situations based on client production facilities and operational conditions.

Unique production process

Silvafeed® product ranges are obtained by a unique extraction process under specific conditions without the use of any chemical solvents. 

Thanks to company’s industrial scale of production and strict quality control of raw materials, Silvateam can produce perfectly standardised extracts for professional farming use. The products are water soluble, available in powder form and conveniently packaged to deliver anywhere in the world. The Silvateam vegetable extracts production capacity exceeds 50,000 tonnes / year.

Research & Development

Silvateam invests significantly in R&D to study the properties and applications of its natural extracts. The research is carried out not only in company owned laboratories in Italy and Argentina, but also in Certified Independent Research Institutes and National Universities across Europe (Italy, UK, Spain and France), in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil and Chile) and North America (the United States).

Regulations and certifications

Silvafeed® natural extracts are produced to meet the high quality standards required by different regulations. The production process is constantly optimised to allow an increase in productivity due to the economies of scale achieved by Silvateam.

Silvateam has access to a wide range of raw materials that have been selected over the years and controls the traceability of its ingredients throughout all steps of the production process. The company operates by using good manufacturing practices and implementing rigorous analytical controls, from the raw material to the finished products.

The expert team ensures that all products conform to the exact standards of the feed industry. The company is also certified GMP+ and Organic.


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