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PLEXOMIN trace minerals wide functionality


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Date: Tuesday, July 5, 2016
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The organically bound trace elements with optimum bioavailability

Plexomin® is a product line of organically bound trace elements.  In a unique production process, stable complex connections between essential trace elements and the amino acid, glycine, are created, producing a variety of high quality organic trace elements. The process produces a premium product with optimal technical properties: free of dust, superb particle size distribution, good flowability, excellent solubility, and high bioavailability.


The excellent digestibility of the Plexomin® products combined with the high trace element concentration, will fill the requirements of the animals with relatively low inclusion rates.

This gives the producer an extraordinary cost-performance ratio.  Furthermore, the excretion of trace elements is decreased, lowering pollution.

Scientific background:

The Plexomin® complexes use metabolism paths of amino acids and can be absorbed more effectively in the intestine.  The competition between the different elements for the same resorption mechanisms is reduced by specificity. This allows for an increase of the bioavailability of the trace element and also for the expedited transport of the element to its destination within the body, in comparison with inorganic elements. The trace elements being stably bound within the complexes are biochemically protected against disadvantageous reactions with other feed components, e.g. phytic acid or tannins, which can encumber their resorption rate.


The organically bound trace elements of the Plexomin® product line can entirely or partially replace the inorganic elements which have been added to the feed.  Through the proven higher bioavailability of Plexomin®, the trace mineral content of the feed can be drastically decreased.  The following complexes are available:

-Plexomin® Manganese

-Plexomin® Zinc

-Plexomin® Copper

-Plexomin® Iron

Please contact us so that we can recommend the appropriate trace mineral additive for you.

Product assortment and service may vary by country.