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Flavorsweet® feed additive sweetener for pigs, poultry and ruminants


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Date: Monday, December 12, 2016

Dr Armin Muller, Head of Product Management Plexomin® for Phytobiotics, talks to us about the product lines Plexomin® and Flavorsweet®, during Eurotier 2016, in Hannover, Germany.

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Tasty feed through tailor-made flavors and selected sweeteners for all animals.

Flavorsweet is a unique product line of sophisticated feed flavors, sweeteners, and blended combinations.

The flavors, which have been specifically designed for an application in animal nutrition, are developed and produced by Symrise, one of the worldwide leading flavor producers. Symrise has a long-lasting experience in the aromatization and flavoring of feed. The products, which are produced with the help of Symrise’s unique encapsulation technique, guarantee maximum stability during feed production and long term aromatization of animal feed.

Particularly in the field of young livestock, flavors are often combined with sweeteners.  For this purpose, optimized species specific products  are available to ensure maximum intake.


Particularly with young mammals, like piglets and calves, flavors and sweeteners play an important role. They improve the smell and taste of milk replacers, ensure a high feed intake, and help with a smooth transition from the suckling period to the uptake of mixed feed. Through high feed intake, with sufficient energy and nutrient supply, optimum growth can be achieved in this important developmental phase. 

Flavors and sweeteners can cover the potentially unpleasant taste and smell of some feed components.  They can also contribute to a flavorful and sensorical standardization of feed.

Scientific background:

Animals react very differently to taste and smell; in many cases they are more sensitive than humans.  This is due to the varying amount of taste buds between species.  In consideration of all known influence factors, special flavors and sweeteners combinations have been developed, which are tailored for different species in a range of applications. These products have been proven in in numerous scientifically sound feeding trials and practical tests.


The following products are available:

-Bigarol: wide range of feed flavors for all species and applications

-Piggy Sweet: Sweetener combination with unique taste profile for growing pigs

-Apitello Naturale: The appetite stimulating phytogenic sweetener for all species

-Phytosweet: The pure phytogenic feed additive with pleasant hay smell

Please contact us so that we can recommend the appropriate flavor and sweetener additive for you.

Product assortment and service may vary by country.