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Phileo by Lesaffre

Phileo by Lesaffre - France

Phileo by Lesaffre
Phileo by Lesaffre
We will be present at:
October 9, 2023 to October 11, 2023
Antwerp, Belgium
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The Company

Working at the crossroads of nutrition and health we are committed to delivering future evidence-based solutions that enhance animal health and performance, including :

  • Improvements in digestibility and bioavailability, for better feed efficacy and performance.
  • Cost-effective nutritional alternatives, providing substitutes for unsustainable or limited feed sources.
  • Control of the risk associated with bacterial toxins and mycotoxins through binding and detoxification.
  • Enhancement of immune response and digestive health in preventive management.
  • Reduction of pathogen pressure to help limit the risk of antibiotic resistance.
  • Optimisation of physiological mechanisms against stress, to support animal welfare.

Lesaffre Group, a global expert in the field of yeast and yeast extract

  • A family-owned business founded in northern France.
  • Focused on innovation since 1853.
  • More than 160 years of experience and knowledge.
  • Now a multinational, multicultural organisation comprising 7,700 professionals worldwide.   

Research and development

Research and development is at the heart of our innovation strategy.

We have a dedicated R&D division with more than 180 experienced researchers, who work closely with international universities and research centres.

A dedicated R&D team

Our engineers, nutritionists and veterinarians work together with the Lesaffre Group R&D department and in close cooperation with reference research centres and universities across the globe.

From fundamental laboratory investigation through to field trial evaluation, all our efforts and investments are dedicated to developing innovative solutions for the current and future needs of ruminants, pigs, poultry and aquaculture industry.

Unique and innovative services

Isotherm method

The reference quantitative analytical method for determining mycotoxin binding capacity, to design tailor-made preventive strategies based on different levels of contamination in animal feed

Our phylosophy

Nothing is more precious than life, and that’s the philosophy that drives Phileo.

As global population continues to increase, the world faces a growing demand for food and greater sustainability challenges.

Working at the crossroads of nutrition and health, we are committed to delivering future evidence-based solutions that enhance animal health and performance.

In each and every country, our team’s progress is led by the most advanced scientific outcomes as well as the field input of experienced farmers.

A global presence

To better serve our customers

With more than 110 employees and 9 production plants across the five continents, we are close to our markets and are therefore able to offer high quality technical support tailored to our customers.

And, because we control all our manufacturing processes, we are able to supply high quality solutions and services.

Strategy Director
Communication Manager
Global Poultry Manager/Director
Business Development Manager
Global Digital Platform Manager