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Zeolite minerals in non-organic form adsorb more polar mycotoxins such as aflatoxins and ergot alkaloids whereas less polar and non-polar mycotoxins are hardly adsorbed or not adsorbed at all. Negativ
MINAZEL® Plus is a unique product, based on European patent No. 163854. MINAZEL® Plus is a NEW COMPOUND created by patented techology, consisting of: Mineral component Organic component
A Natural solution for: Prevention and treatment of swine dysentery Reduces mortality rate Improves daily gain and feed conversion ratio Reduces cost of medical treatment Swine Dysentery:
Patente Herba® Plus represents a natural product based on essential oils supplemented with encapsulated lysozyme and nicotine amide. It is effective for prevention and during the treatment of
NATURAL RED MITE REDUCTION RIDofMITE® is a technology based on a unique blend of natural organic essential oils • 500 g/t BOOSTER dosage • 250 g/t Constant Control dosage Use of RIDo
Patent co. is specialized in the production of premixes for: Poultry Pigs Ruminants We produce premixes of standard composition, or tailor made based on customer needs. Premixes are prod
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