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RIDofMITE® blend of organic essential oils for poultry



RIDofMITE® is a technology based on a unique blend of natural organic essential oils

• 500 g/t BOOSTER dosage

• 250 g/t Constant Control dosage

Use of RIDofMITE® in just 14 days leads to

• Red Mite reduction of 63%

• Hens mortality reduction of 60%

• Egg production increase of 4.5%

• Egg mass increase of 15.5%


• Refuse to go into roost at night

• Become anemic

• Combs will go pale

• May stop laying

• Red blood stains on an egg (squashed red mites)

• Eventually, losses in the flock


An infestation of red mite (DermanyssusGallinae), will cause a drop in egg production, and according to the severity, even mortality. The mites are blood feeders and attack resting birds at night. The life cycle of a red mite is not dependent on the host. 

They live and breed in crevices, as near to their meal as possible. The mite progresses through five life stages: egg, larva, protonymph, deutonymph and adult. Under favorable conditions this life cycle can be completed within seven days, so populations can grow rapidly, causing anemia in badly affected flocks of poultry that presents as pallor of the comb and wattle.

Apart from causing a drop or cessation in egg production, when entering the house disturbed mite will bite the intruder. A monthly check under each end of the perches will indicate any mite establishment.

Only those that have sucked blood will be red; the others are grey in color. At night they run along the perch, up the chicken''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s leg and onto the flesh, where they bite into a blood vessel and suck blood until full.

They then return to the crevice and stay there until another meal is required. They do not live on the bird so will not be found by examining the bird during the day.

Birds suffering from the presence of large numbers of red mite look pale and jaundiced through loss of blood.

A post-mortem shows only a skin that looks as though it has been profusely pricked with a fine needle.

Red mites have been known to lie dormant for up to ten years, and for this reason use of RIDofMITE® is strongly  recommended by our scientists.


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Composition of RIDofMITE®: essential oil blend, thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid, lecithin

• Effective in just 14 days

• Quality Products

• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

• 500 g/t BOOSTER dosage

• 250 g/t Constant Control dosage

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PATENT CO 2017 - Brochure RIdofMITE® in Chinese
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Patent Co 2017 - RIdofMITE® Natural poultry red mite repellent
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PATENT CO 2017 - Brochure RIdofMITE® in Spanish
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