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MINAZEL® zeolite minerals in non-organic form adsorb mycotoxins


Zeolite minerals in non-organic form adsorb more polar mycotoxins such as aflatoxins and ergot alkaloids whereas less polar and non-polar mycotoxins are hardly adsorbed or not adsorbed at all. Negative surface charge of adsorbents facilitates adsorption of mycotoxins polar molecules whereas adsorption of less polar mycotoxins requires partial modification of zeolite surface.

MINAZEL® is the product based on natural zeolite of well balanced ratio of exchangable cations Ca/Na/K.

It has active centres which efficiently adsorb aflatoxins and ergot alkaloids (over 85%) which belong to a group of more polar molecules.

At the same time, less polar molecules (zearalenone, ohratoxin A and T-2 toxin) are adsorbed but with lower efficiency (30–50%).

It does not adsorb vitamins, microelements and amino acids, leaves no residues in meat, milk and eggs.

It has positive biological activity reflected in improved health as well as reduced mortality in animals which use this preparation (pigs, broilers, layers, calves, lambs, horses and other).

Effects of in vitro adsorption of micotoxines on MINAZEL®:

Mycotoxin MINAZEL®

Aphlatoxine B1 99% (1.2)

Aphlatoxine B2 85% (1)

Aphlatoxine G2 82% (1)

Zearalenone 60% (1)

Ohratoxin A 40% (1,2)

T-2 toxin 35% (1,3)

Ergosin            92% (2)

Ergotamin 94% (2)

Ergocornin 82% (2)

Ergocriptin 87% (2)

Ergocristin 94% (2)

(1) ITNMS, (2) Vet. Med. Diag. Lab., College of Vet. Med.,University of Missouri, Columbia, USA;

(3) Technological and Ecological Center, Zrenjanin


0,5% (5 kg per ton) added to complete fodder mixture.

Additional information
MINAZEL® brochure - Patent Co 2017
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