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MINAZEL® Plus Mycotoxin binder for bovines, swine, poultry


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MINAZEL® Plus is a unique product, based on European patent No. 163854.

MINAZEL® Plus is a NEW COMPOUND created by patented techology, consisting of:

  • Mineral component
  • Organic component

MINAZEL® Plus is the result of ion exchange reaction between inorganic cations on the mineral surface and organic cations.
Addition of organic cations is used in order to change mineral surface. Result of this addition is not a simple mixture of mineral and organic phase, but a completely new compound, organocomplex. 

New active centers, which are formed on the mineral surface, ensure efficient binding (over 90%) not only of POLAR MYCOTOXINS (Aflatoxins, Ergot Alkaloids, etc.) but also of non-polar mycotoxins (Zearalenone, Ohratoxin A, T-2 toxin, etc.)


Speed of adsorption is very important characteristic of mycotoxin binders.
Some mycotoxins are quickly absorbed after oral intake. After 30 min they can be found in the blood, and after 60 min in the liver.
MINAZEL® Plus - speed of adsorption:

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Minazel® Plus: mycotoxin binder patented technology
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