Erik Visser
Erik Visser
Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

SENTIGUARD® R Immune modulator for animal feed


SENTIGUARD®R - Protection against stress

In dairy and beef cattle SENTIGUARD®R alleviates stress and improves the immune status and nutrient supply. It helps the animal to maintain dry matter intake thus increasing the level of absorbed nutrients and in this way assures normal physiological functions. Sentiguard®R protects the animal from entering in a cascade of factors that lead to a production- and potentially life-threatening condition. In addition Sentiguard®R stimulates the immune system thus providing a greater protection from infections.

Extensive scientific research and farm trials have gone into the development of Sentiguard®R, a completely natural product.


  • Gut empowerment and improved health and integrity of the GIT.
  • Stimulation of symbiotic gut micro-organisms.
  • Improved nutrient utilization; at the rumen as well as the intestinal level.
  • Increased nutrient supply at the tissue level – reduces tissue turn-over or breakdown.
  • Stimulation of the immune system through an increased natural production of antibodies.
  • Improved anti-oxidant status.
  • Reduced incidence of metabolic diseases.
  • Improved animal health and performance.


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