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Animals in intensive production conditions are subjected to intense contact with air, dust particles, ammonia and microorganisms while breathing, which may irritate and infect their respiratory tract.
EndoBan is a new innovative feed additive that combines different strategies to reduce the level and toxicity of endotoxins before they can reach the blood circulation of the animal. This results in a
Nutrase Xyla is a unique bacterial endo-xylanase with special properties that considerably improve digestibility of corn and wheat diets for poultry and swine. Wheat, corn and barley are major ingred
Free-tox is a multi-component adsorbent that binds mycotoxins in the gastro intestinal tract and prevents their uptake in the blood.  Mycotoxins are harmful secondary metabolites produced by fun
By selecting the best natural substances found among others in black cumin, ajowan seeds and artichoke, PhytoStar was developed to stimulate liver and kidney functioning. Due to the fast absorption an
Nuvisol products are water-soluble vitamin supplements, specifically formulated for administration through the drinking water.Vitamins are of great importance for the well-being and productivity of an
Derived from high quality bakery yeast, Y-MOS & Y-Boost yeast autolysate products are used in feed to support the development of young animals. They help improve natural resistance against patho
Nutracid Intestim is a new and innovative product for pigs that support growth and improves feed conversion by modulating the immune system, stimulating villi growth and improving absorption capacity.
The savoplus brand covers a compete range of feed flavors for every type of production animal.  Savoplus flavor products make the feed more palatable and ensure a long-lasting, intense aroma and
The Colonut brand offers a complete range of natural carotenoid pigments for use in poultry feeds to enhance broiler skin and egg yolk pigmentation.The natural carotenoids used in Colonut products are
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