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Phytocee is a heat stable anti-stress and immunomodulatory feed additive. Phytocee is phytogenic feed additive to replace the bioactivity of synthetic Vitamin C. Natural Defence Enhancer Composition
Composition: Standardized botanical powder which is containing major phytochemicals as polyphenols and catechins. Action: Fat mobilization Fat Metabolism Benefits: KOLIN PLUS is compatible
ZIGBIR is a natural supplement for which is proven to improve bile flow, brush border enzyme secretion for better digestion. Polyherbal actives present in ZIGBIR act as gut stimulant & Liver tonic
Complete Stress ManagerComposition Synergistic combination of selective Phytoactives possessing strong adaptogenic, antistress & immunomodulating activities Benefits Zist minimizes stress
TO OPTIMIZE THE PRODUCTIVITY Composition Active NR Phytochemicals like Saponins & Hydroxyanthraquinone Action Synchronizes the ovarian function by optimum synthesis of FSH and LH Optimi
Herbal Loose Dropping Binder Composition A polyherbal loose dropping binder to regularize the increased peristalsis Action Reduces the fluidity in the intestinal lumen Checks the hypersecre
FAST ACTING ANTI-INFLAMMATORY SPRAY FOR MASTITIS Features & Benefits Wisprec advanced provides instant relief due to quick transdermal absorption and onset of action Wisprec advanced has cool
Features & Benefits The topicure spray is effective in all kinds of wounds, including Foot & Mouth disease (FMD) foot lesions, foot-rot, surgical wounds, wounds due to shearing in sheep, de
Features & Benefits Involon-DS ensures early onset of post-partum & better conception rate Involon-DS helps in steady contraction of uterine horn & easy expulsion of placenta Involon-
Novel combination of selective phytoactives possessing bronchodilator, antitussive, expectorant & decongestant properties. Action Expectorant Mucolytic Decongestant Benefits Prevent th
Features & Benefits Rumipro restores rumeno-reticular motility, thereby enhances digestion Rumipro improves growth & multiplication of ruminal microflora, thereby enhances fibre digestibil
Features & Benefits HYGEST stimulates secretion of saliva and digestive juices HYGEST optimizes the ruminal pH HYGEST increases beneficial microbial proliferation in rumen HYGEST optimizes r
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