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Vrajesh Jha
Vrajesh Jha
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

PHYTONIN® Powder Replacer for Synthetic Methionine & Equivalent


PHYTONIN Powder is a synergistic combination of herbs with optimum levels of phytoactives potential to optimize the metabolism and uptake of amino acids primarily methionine and also to support the digestive activity in the target animals. Controlled and the field studies observations reveal that, Phytonin is capable of replacing the activity of synthetic Methionine and optimizes the bioavailability of amino acids.


  • Phytonin assists in synthesis of protein.
  • Phytonin helps to optimizing overall performance.
  • Phytonin optimizes weight gain, FCR & meat quality.
  • Phytonin helps to optimize immunity

Additional Advantages:

  • Uniform mixability
  • Safe even at higher mixing rate
  • Thermally stable
  • Better compatibility, does not affect the nutritional value of other feed stuff.


25 kg

Mixing Rate:

Poultry, Swine, Cattle: 1:1 replacement of synthetic DL-Methionine upto 1 kg only

Duration of use:

Day one till marketing