Article published the January 16, 2019
1. Introduction Newcastle disease (ND) is a highly contagious and fatal disease affecting poultry and a wide range of wild birds worldwide that is caused by infections with virulent strains of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) (Miller et al., 2010; Dimitrov et al., 2016c). Recently, the International Committee On Taxonomy of Viruses amended the taxonomy of genus Avulavirus of the Paramyxoviridae fami ...
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Article published the August 31, 2017
Introduction Significant economic losses in the poultry industries due to moderate to high mortality and decreased egg production have resulted from H9N2 low pathogenic avian influenza virus (LPAIV) infections across North Africa, the Middle East and Asia (Fusaro and others 2011, Lee and Song 2013). The currently circulating Eurasian H9N2 LPAIV has rapidly spread to become the most prevalent LPAI ...
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