Article published the April 25, 2022
IntroductionSwine production systems have dramatically changed in the last three decades, and the livestock industry is facing many new challenges today. Among others, this industry has to continually adapt to the international trade rules uncertainties, the gradual reduction of governments support, to a society that increases its animal welfare and environmental standards, to the increase of feed ...
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Article published the December 15, 2021
1. IntroductionThe nutrient requirements of a pig population can be defined as the amount of nutrients needed to achieve specific production objectives such as maximizing weight gain and lean tissue gain and improving feed conversion. Nutritional requirements might vary according to body weight, health status, genetics, and sex, among other less known factors. Most commonly, lysine (Lys) requireme ...
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Article published the November 24, 2021
INTRODUCTIONFarm animals are raised to produce commodities such as meat, dairy products, and fiber. Energy, amino acids (AA), minerals, vitamins, and water are used by animals for body maintenance, growth, reproduction, and lactation. Body maintenance and the synthesis of body tissues (i.e., lean, fat, etc.) are dependent upon an adequate supply of dietary nutrients (1). The energy and nutrient lo ...
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