Article published the July 29, 2020
1. Introduction Quercetin, as the foremost representative of flavonols, has been extensively investigated for its beneficial effects on health [1]. With regard to the gastrointestinal tract, quercetin received a lot of attention in treating chronic intestinal inflammation. Different mechanisms, including protection against oxidative stress, preservation of epithelial barrier function, and immunom ...
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Article published the August 28, 2019
Background and objectives The potentiated ZnO source HiZox® (Animine, France) was shown to be advantageous for piglet performances (Cho et al. 2015, Morales et al. 2012, Raquipo et al. 2017). More specifically, we demonstrated that the potentiated ZnO source when added to a barley-cornwheat and SBM diet, reduced digesta Enterobacteriaceae numbers and improved gut integrity, albeit similar or ...
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