Article published the December 17, 2019
Background In the EU, salmonellosis and campylobacteriosis are the most frequently occurring zoonotic infection in humans. Up to approximately 200 000 human cases are annually reported for each of these infections in the EFSA zoonoses reports since 2004 [1]. Other remaining zoonoses are reported to occur in much lower numbers, approximately: Yersiniosis (9000 cases), VTEC (2900), Listeriosis (150 ...
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Article published the December 2, 2016
1. Introduction Mycotoxins are a class of low molecular weight compounds that are produced by toxigenic strains of moulds that infect food and feed commodities. They can cause serious animal health related problems as they may be hepatotoxic, nephrotoxic [1,2] and may impair immune responses resulting in increased risk to secondary infection [3]. In addition, these toxins also compromise animal ...
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