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Raw Vitamin C is unstable, oxidizes rapidly and loses its potency when subjected to feed processing, heat and air. Microencapsulated Vitamin C is a stabilized form of Vitamin C that delivers 70% activ
It is used as a bacteriostat to control post weaning piglet diarrhea. Research indicates that zinc is necessary to maintain the structural integrity of swine and poultry gastrointestinal tract and key
  Used to improve gut health, stimulate the immune system and improve growth in aquaculture, swine and poultry.  
Effectively taste masked phytonutrients that deliver antioxidants for immune health.
Known to reduce piglet diarrhea and thereby increases animal growth rate and feed efficiency. While Copper Sulfate is an environmental hazard, microencapsulation enables better uptake of Copper and le
Microencapsulated to increase thermal stability and to survive steam pelleting with a recovery rate of up to 94%. Chickens fed stabilized enzyme showed higher bone ash (stronger bones), higher weight
Use to improve gut health and to decrease the use of antibiotics. Key benefits are decreased mortality, increased feed efficiency and improved growth rate in poultry and swine.
Shelf Stable form of beneficial microbes that are engineered to be resistant to stomach acids that improve gut health.
A rumen-protected source of this essential amino acid designed to release in the lower gut of ruminant animals.  
Slow released resveratrol increases bioavailability and absorption.
Delivers slow released vitamins, enhanced bioavailability and therefore reduces the need for overdosing. Note again the uniform shape of the particles.
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