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We help raw ingredients realize their true potential.

Maxx Performance was founded in 2004 with a simple goal: to extend the useful life of feed additive ingredients using microencapsulation technologies—and bring about true innovation on behalf of our customers and their consumers. 

Whether we use our own ingredients or source them from our collaborators, here are just a few of the ways we’re making an impact:

In the midst of the growing demand for antibiotic-free meat protein, we’re pioneering the use of microencapsulates to reduce the need for medicated feed additives in animal production

  • We have a robust platform in place for stabilizing oxygen-sensitive ingredients like probiotics and enzymes to increase thermal stability and improve bioavailability and nutrient delivery 
  • We’ve innovated ways to stabilize vitamin C for aquaculture, whether that means withstanding the rigors of feed processing or eliminating losses that come from leaching out
  • We’ve even discovered how to stabilize Lysine Hydrochloride for effective rumen bypass so it can release in the small intestine and positively affect milk production in dairy cows
  • For every ton of palm oil and palm kernel oil we use, we pay a voluntary premium to a producer who is operating within the RSPO’s strict guidelines for social and environmental responsibility

Of course, helping customers meet new consumer demands is only half the story. We apply resources to solving other manufacturing challenges, too—like improving efficiency and speeding time to market. You’d be amazed at what microencapsulated ingredients can do.



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