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Vitalite Energy Chick - Feed and boost your day-old chicks

Vitalite Energy Chick

A boost for chick energy, vitality and immunity

Immediate access to feed and water has a great effect in triggering the right momentum of growth in day old chicks and this growth promoting effect lasts until market age in poultry. Vitalite Energy Chick is a unique tool to overcome the stressful first 48 hours of life at the Hatchery and Farm. Its unique form and texture encourage intake from young birds. It can supplement energy, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and water even before arrival at the farm house. It is a booster that offers different protective and active ingredients to ensure a proper intestinal start-up.

Vitalite Energy Chick provides:

Energy: Highly absorbable and immediately metabolizable energy sources based on free fatty acids and simple sugars.

Nutrients: Due to its unique feed processing technology, all nutrients (starch, sugars, proteins, vitamins and traces) are highly digestible, which supports the start of the chick’s intestinal activity.

Water: High amount of moisture is present in the supplement to ensure basic water uptake and rehydration.

Nucleotides: Dietary nucleotides have been proven to improve intestinal morphology and function, immune response, liver function and growth performance.


Vitalite Energy Chick with its unique technology and format simply eaten by one day old chicks improves uniformity that is especially crucial for parent and grandparent stocks. Vitalite Energy Chick supplies crucial nutrients in the most concentrated and digestible form with several benefits:  

  • Reduces dehydration
  • Promotes healthy gut development early on
  • Supports the immune system
  • Reduces mortality
  • Improves yolk absorption


  • Comes as a dry powder to mix with water
  • Forming a bright shiny red that attracts the attention of all poultry species
  • High palatability
  • Dissolves fairly easily when mixed with water
  • Does not wet the chick boxes
  • Easy and quick to work with
  • Doesn''''t need a special equipment

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Vitalite Energy Chick - Rehydration supplement for day old chicks
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Vitalite Energy Chick