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Intestinal Health Nowadays genetic potential of monogastric farm animals allows the animals to grow faster by using less feed. To perform up to this genetic potential the nutritional quality of the d
Feed Attractants Innovad® attractants (Cibus) are complex products, made from a variety of carefully assembled active components including terpenes, aldehydes and alcohols in a hig
Sweeteners Innovad sweeteners (Mellis®) are palatability agents that are not linked to odour. They consist of a careful blend of natural and artificial sweeteners to limit the
In livestock diets, fats and oils are very important sources of energy which are usually added to increase the energy concentration in the diet and improve performance. Approximately 90% of the fat is
Mycotoxins Feed contaminated with mycotoxins causes a serious range of problems including reductions in feed intake, growth performance, reproductive-, health and immunity problems. Symptoms are ofte
Feed attracant and sweetener Optimal feed intake is crucial for animals to consume the necessary amounts of essential nutrients. Flavours and sweeteners are added to feedstuffs to improve palatabilit
Reaching the highest possible animal health status is a key element for the production of food from animal origin. Clearly the focus has moved from treatment to prevention with an emphasis on optimal
Fishmeal Replacements The supply of fishmeal protein has decreased dramatically in the recent years. As a consequence, the price of fishmeal has risen significantly, making it impossible for aqua pro
Moulds consume valuable nutrients, make feed unpalatable and produce toxins. Mould spores are present within plant material and environment. Animal feed and raw materials provide the nutrients requir
Protection from pathogens Parasites are a key issue in global aquaculture practices and can detrimentally affect their productivity, sustainability and profitability. Strict control measures and appr
Oxidative rancidity: an important feed quality issue Además de los diferentes tipos de deterioro microbiológico de alimentos, la autooxidación es un ejemplo típico de degr
Three way Action Novion® S L is a three way action farm application with the following features: 1. Enteric development 2. Water sanitation and antibacterial 3. Change of microflora communit
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