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ESCENT® S of Innovad is a unique wide spectrum mycotoxin control program and liver protection package combined with a professional risk assessment service. While the rumen microorganisms can do s
Preventing salmonella in breeding flocks, taking sanitary measures at the hatchery , controlling the infection via the peak by oral uptake in the broiler farm are all big challenges. Due to a not suff
Improving the digestibility of a ruminant diet is a challenge but leads to profits.  A major part of ruminant diet contains fiber, but fiber is poorly digested and utilized. More than 80% of die
High yielding dairy cows have a high demand for energy and protein. The main limiting amino acids for highly productive dairy cattle are methionine and lysine. Dairy cows are fed protein rich feeds i
Choline is one of the most powerful dietary lipotropic substances. However, free choline is almost completely degraded in the rumen. Protected choline passes the rumen intact, is absorbed in the small
Novyrate® EB Plus is a reinforced combination of butyrins and essential oils specifically selected for their antibacterial properties in dairy, poultry and Piglets/Sows. Novyrate® EB Plus is
Scientists and veterinarians agree that one single non-antibiotic molecule will have its limits in controlling the overall situation. However, an approach that combines the newest generation butyrate
Its a unique combination to overcome the stressful first 48 hours of life. Its unique form and texture encourage intake from young birds. It can supplement energy, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and
INNOVAD attractants Cibus® are complex products made from carefully assembled and numerous active principles distributed among terpenes, aldehydes and alcohols in a highly concentrated form. Depen
INNOVAD sweeteners (MELLIS®) for piglets are palatability agents that are not linked to odor. They consist of a careful blend of natural and artificial sweeteners to limit the bitter after taste o
Modern approach to feed production requires efficient feed with an excellent visual quality (good appearance, dust-free, without cracks and uniform) as well as a superior technical quality (correct ha
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