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Escent® S Toxin control and liver protection for dairy cows

Escent® S

ESCENT® S of Innovad is a unique wide spectrum mycotoxin control program and liver protection package combined with a professional risk assessment service.

While the rumen microorganisms can do something to degrade a certain degree of toxins, rumen metabolites of such toxins may be equaly or more toxic.

It should always be considered that mycotoxins will adversely impact rumen environment and activity even before an effect on the animals themselves. Decreases in ruminal motility, on DM, ADF and starch digestion and on microbial growth are some of the impacts seen in animals fed mycotoxin contaminated diets, directly impacting production and indirectly initiating other metabolic disorders.

However, a more likely scenario is to find mycotoxins at lower levels interacting with other stressors to cause more subtle symptoms leading to subclinical losses in performance, increases in incidence of disease and reduced reproductive performance. To the dairy producer, these subclinical losses are of greater economic importance than losses from acute effects, but even more difficult to diagnose.

Mycotoxins affect dairy cows

  • Below normal milk production
  • Inconsistent dry matter intake
  • Reducing feed consumption
  • Altering rumen fermentation
  • Increasing incidence of opportunistic disease
  • Causing cellular death
  • Suppressing immunity
  • Impacting Liver function
  • Altering reproduction
  • Irritating tissues
  • Decreasing milk component production

ESCENT® S is a unique wide spectrum mycotoxin control program and liver protection package combined with a professional risk assessment service

Mode of Action

Preventing Oxidative stress: with selected protective antioxidants providing cellular support against the damaging effects of free radicals on intestinal micro-flora, tissues and cells.

Reducing immune suppression & strengthening of animal natural immune response: with the use of selected plant extracts and specific, biological response modifyers.

Liver & Kidney support with selected plant extracts proven to support these organs function in case of toxic stressors (toxin blockade at membrane level, protein synthesis enhancement, anti-fibriotic activity, anti- inflammatory effect…)

Biotransformation and binding of Fusarium producing toxins modifying such toxic molecules into less harmful or polar components.

Binding & Adsorption/Captation of water soluble (polar) toxins and reducing their bioavailability. Both high adsorbent mineral clays and yeast extracts rich in gluco-mannans are used to adsorb mycotoxins efficiently, selectively and quickly, reducing the bio-availability for the organism.

Escent® S

Milk production performance benefits 

Pennsylvania (2012): A 600 cow herd – Holstein Dairy producer decided to stop using Escent® S alter sampling his TMR being negative on toxins. A few days later, 3 cows dropped dead diagnosed with Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome. Its Dairy nutritionist consultant immediately put Escent® back into the feed and no more problems of that nature since that day.

Belgium (Jan 2012). A dairy feed concentrate manufacturer was informed by one of his client (Dairy producer) veterinarian that milk production was down and somatic cell counts high. Mycotoxins contamination was detected (371 ppb Don & 65 ppb Zea) in the concentrate. The level of those Fusarium produced toxins was high enough to induce some sub-clinical effects considering that roughage was a major part of the diet. Escent® S was added 15 g/h/d in lactation. The producer was satisfied as milk production improved and somatic cell counts went down

When to use

  • When low feed quality is suspected
  • When intakes are reduced
  • During stressful periods
  • In the suspected presence of toxins

Direction to use

Escent® S: 10-40 g/h/d depending on stress & risk

Milking herds : 15-30 g/h/d

Transition & early lactation: 20 g -40 g/h/d

Heifers: 10-15 g/h/d to ensure consistent feed intake

Escent® Dairy Pack is also available for use on TMR: 40-100 g/h/d

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Escent® S Toxin control and liver protection for dairy cows
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Escent® S
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