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VILOCYM Z mycotoxin binder & growth promoter for pigs and poultry


Quite often, farmers face problems with the presence of multiple sources of myco-toxins in their animal feed. Conventional solutions to this problem often have the disadvantage of working against toxins only. What is required is a broad-spectrum toxin binder and this activity can be seen in a revolutionary product launched recently by Ayurvet : VILOCYM Z.

This product has been formulated with herbs, Copper, MOS, PVP, buffered organic acids and activated HSCAS which provide mould inhibitory action, myco-toxin biosynthesis inhibitory action, multiple myco-toxin chemosorption action, myco-toxins bio neutralization action, reduction in the colonisation of pathogenic bacteria, digestive tonic and friendly microflora enhancing action, liver tonic and nephrotonic action, antioxidant and immuno-modulatory action

  • Broad spectrum mould inhibition
  • Inhibition of toxin production
  • Binding, inactivation and bio neutralization of multiple mycotoxins
  • Better microflora and digestive functions
  • Maintenance and improvement in liver and kidney functions
  • Growth promotion in chicks
  • Better production in broilers, layers and breeders
  • Improved immune health and reduced oxidative stress in birds

Why Vilocym Z?

  • Unique combination of herbs, copper, buffered organic acids, MOS,PVP and activated HSCAS
  • Gives complete protection from multiple mycotoxins and mycotoxin related damages 
  • Free from pathogenic micro flora and toxic chemicals
750 gm to 1.25 kg per ton of feed. Ensure proper mixing in Feed.
Commercial information

Pack & Presentation:

  • Vilocym Z is available in 25 kg multi-layer paper bags.