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TOKIROAK GOLD Mould Inhibitor & Mycotoxin Binder for animal feed


Mycotoxins are natural contaminators produced by certain forms of moulds which develop in crop before harvest or during storage. These mycotoxins decrease productivity of poultry farming
TOXIROAK GOLD is enriched with Modified Yeast Cell wall Mannan Oligosaccharide (MOS), Phytogenic Lipotropic agents & Elemental Copper for better efficacy.

  • For broad spectrum mould inhibition
  • For inhibition of multiple mycotoxin production
  • For binding, detoxification & bioneutralization of multiple mycotoxin
  • For providing protection to vital organs against adverse effect of mycotoxins
  • For effective lipid mobilization in the mycotoxin affected liver
  • Better production in broilers, layers & breeders
  • 750 gm to 1.25 kg per tonne of feed.
  • Ensure proper mixing of premix in the feed.
Commercial information

Pack & Presentation: 

  • 25 kg laminated paper bag