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Appetite Stimulant & Digestive Tonic Features & Benefits Regulates salivary secretions & maintains rumen pH Restores Microflora health, Boosts Microflora number and activity Improves
Enteritis results in disrupting the absorptive capacity of the small Intestine resulting in reduced growth rate and high FCR.Conventional treatment treats the cause but fails to reverse the absorptive
Treats liver dysfunction and Improves productivity Features & Benefits: Regulates liver health Improves the condition in hepatitis, jaundice, poisoning, liver fluke and other herlminthes infe
For Milk Examination Problem: Early Mastitis detection is the big challenge Solution: Mastrip- Cellulose based Bromothymol Blue (BTB) strip impregnated with stabilized ion sensitive indicator for
Topical Herbal Gel For Control Of Mastitis Limitations of present approach:  Diagnosis Risk of injury to teat canal Recurrence Withdrawal time Limited effectiveness Drug resistance
Antibiotics has been regularly used as growth promoter but due to appearance of traces of Antibiotics in meat, milk and eggs, and appearance of bacterial resistance it has been banned in most of the c
Herbal Immunomodulator, Antistressor, rejuvenator & Performance Enhancer Problems:Stress is a common cause of various diseases , vaccination failure, immunosupression & loss in production
Diarrhea is a very common problem in animals associated with inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, varying degree of dehydration & acid base imbalance.Etiology/Causative factors:  Bacter
Uterine Cleanser & Restorative Problems: Postpartum disorders Retention of Placenta Repeat Breeding Reasons of reproductive disorders: MalnutritionSystemic diseases Pathogenic c
For Inducing Ovulatory Estrus Problem:Hormonal disturbances are quiet complex in nature & lead to various disorders. These can lead to cystic ovaries, failure of estrus & repeat breeders
Herbal Galactogogue Bolus Problem: Reduced in milk yield in lactating animals in various conditions like declining phase of lactation, after the treatment of Mastitis, after the death of cal
Mycotoxins are natural contaminators produced by certain forms of moulds which develop in crop before harvest or during storage. These mycotoxins decrease productivity of poultry farmingTOXIROAK GOLD
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