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RESPZZ Relieves respiratory distress for poultry


Respiratory problems due to bacterial & viral infections in poultry are unavoidable & it may happen in any stage of the bird’s life cycle . Antibiotics are the major remedy in bacterial disease, but they are not covering the secondary problems like respiratory distress, excessive cough & mucous building, loss of weight & low feed consumption.

RESPZZ is a complete solution for respiratory distress in different respiratory diseases of bacterial & viral origin without relapse of symptoms. RESPZZ a herbal solution for respiratory distress helps to take care of both primary & secondary problems. 



  • As a co therapy with antibiotics for prevention of production losses in CRD outbreaks
  • In prevention & treatment of coryza, bronchitis & Fowl cholera
  • To minimize secondary bacterial complications
  • To relief from symptoms associated with CRD like sniffing, rattling, sneezing, coughing & other signs of respiratory distress




  • Doses (Per day per 100 birds)
  • Chicks – 2.5 ml
  • Growers – 5 ml
  • Layers/Broilers Finisher -10 ml


For 5-7 days by mixing in drinking water or as advised by veterinarian.

In severe cases dose may be doubled & period of treatment may be increased.

Commercial information

Pack & Presentation:

  • 1 litre

  • 5 litre jar