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Creamino® Guanidinoacetic Acid as source of creatine for poultry


Creamino® is the basis for Creatine, which is the “battery pack” on a cellular level. Creatine is an essential biomolecule for energy transfer and supply. Creamino® is a feed additive that the body proces­ses into its own creatine once absorbed by animals.

Creamino® therefore provides energy for healthy growth. It is shortcutting the body‘s own synthesis of creatine and is therefore reducing the feed requirements, freeing scarce feed ingredients for other purposes and reducing the total amount of feed. The use of Creamino® can therefore lead to cost savings for livestock farmers and to an over­all reduction of the ecological footprint of feed pro­duction and transport.

Used on top, Creamino® will support various performance factors and help to reduce specific problems such as heat stress or myopathies.

- Creatine is a lost nutrient in animal nutrition (very small amounts in animal proteins, absent in plants)

- Creamino® is a unique source of creatine and reliefs the body from the burden of endogenous creatine synthesis

- Creamino® improves muscle creatine by approx. 20 - 30 %

- Therefore maximal performance benefits are achieved from adding Creamino® on top of a standard diet

- Cost saving can be achieved by sparing effects (Energy, Arginine, Glycine), quality improvements or heat stress mortality reduction.


Creamino® is Alzchem´s creatine solution specifically developed for application in animal feed.Creamino® is applied in poultry and swine. Creamino® is the only feed additive specifically designed for and approved as a source of creatine in animal feeds.- The active ingredient in Creamino® is Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA)- GAA is an amino acid derivative (non proteogenic amino acid) and occurs naturally in the body of animals (and humans).

- GAA is endogenously produced from amino acids (arginine, glycine)

- The only physiological role of GAA is to produce creatine

- Creatine is an essential biomolecule for energy transfer and supply

- Creatine directly reloads ATP (in contrast to other nutrients) and prevents formation of reactive oxygen substances

- The function of muscle, heart, brain, sperm, immune cells rely on high creatine levels

- Creatine levels in the body are compromised by the availability of amino acids


Creamino® and the use of GAA in feed is patent protected by AlzChem.

For details please contact creamino@alzchem.com


Authorized application for species differ from country to country.

EU: broilers, pigs

Russia: all poultry, piglets, pigs, sows

US: broilers, turkeys

Brazil: broilers, breeders, pigs

Asia: broilers, breeders, piglets, pigs, sows

The effective dose range of Creamino® has been set between 600 g and 1200 g per metric ton of complete feed.


Digestibility: 100 %

Arginine: 149 %

AMEN: 83,000 - 166,000 kcal/kg (347-694 MJ/kg)

Creatine: 1120 g/kg

Creamino® was developed by AlzChem between 2005 and 2009.

Note: Statements on this page are based on studies, trials and customer feedback. Not all of them are regularily covered by individual national registrations.

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