Umberto Calderon
Umberto Calderon
Lima, Lima, Peru

Triverfen® 10.1 Oral Suspension Full spectrum antiparasitary for cows

Triverfen® 10.1

Oral Suspension
Full spectrum antiparasitary

FORMULA: Triclabendazole 5 g, ivermectin 0.1 g, fenbendazole 5 g, excipients q.s. ad 100 mL.

THERAPEUTIC INDICATIONS: Complete antiparasitary with full action, for control of internal and external parasitosis. Its spectrum includes stomach, intestinal and pulmonary worms, and Fasciola hepatica: in precocious inmature, inmature and adult states. The action of fenbendazole (included in the formula at its greatest dosis) extends the spectrum to taenias. Due to the action of ivermectin, the spectrum also includes ectoparasites: acarus of mange, sucking lice, larvae of flies producer of miasis, worms of the nose among other. Apart from complementing, the association of ivermectin and fenbendazole synergizes the action against round worms and larvae that are resistant to any of the active principles.

DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION: 1 mL for each 5 Kg of weight.

COMMERCIAL PRESENTATION: Bottle of 100 mL, bottle of 250 mL, bottle of 500 mL, bottle of 1 L and bottle of 3.9 L.