Umberto Calderon
Umberto Calderon
Lima, Lima, Peru

Hepato-ject® Injectable Solution Hepatoprotector for cows and pigs


Injectable Solution

FORMULA: Thioctic acid 1.5 g, Orotic acid 0.5 g, Nicotinamide 1 g, Dexpanthenol 0.3 g, Vitamin B12 4 mg, Pyridoxine 0.2 g, Folic acid 50 mg, Acetyl methionine 5 g, DL methionine 2 Choline Chloride 4 g, Inositol 2 g, Betaine HCl 0.2 g, sterile osmotized water and excipients q.s. ad 100 mL

INDICATIONS: Hepatic insufficiency, medicinal intoxications, disease convalescense, over training, inappetence, fatty liver, acute or chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, asthenia and chronic fatigue, urticaria and other diseases of alimentary origin, meteorism and flatulency due to alimentary causes, photosensibilization, support therapy aginst acute or chronic fascioliasis.

DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION: Equines and bovines: 10 mL during 6 days continuing with 10 mL twice a week. Porcines, ovines, camelids, caprines, colts and calves: 5 mL during 6 days. Lambs and tuis: 2 mL during 6 days. Canines, felines: 2-3 mL during 6 days.


Glass vial of  20 mL, glass vial of  50 mL, glass vial of 100 mL.