Jose E. Ferrer, Jr.
Jose E. Ferrer, Jr.
Coral Gables, Florida, United States

Agracopper: Microencapsulated copper for pigs intestinal health


A Concentrated Form of Refined Copper Micro-Encapsulated Organic Acids and Essential Oils


AGRACOPPER is a concentrated form of refined copper protected in a special matrix of fatty acids, for its utilization as an intestinal modulator in animal feeds. 

Mode of action 

AGRACOPPER’S Slowly and controlled release of the refined copper in the intestinal tract is for the improvement of intestinal health and for the effective reduction of scours in piglets. It also provides a combined synergistic effect with ZNO to reduce E.Coli diarrhea.


Since it is microencapsulated in a lipid matrix, palatibility problems are eliminated. 
More effective in the control of diarrhea by reducing the need for antibiotics and growth promoters. 
Its effect is complete along the entire small and large intestine.
Antibacterial effect of Agracopper

A high level of inclusion of Zn and Cu diminshes the activity of pathogens bacteria. (Ole Hojberg et al, 2005).
Bivalent cations of  Zn ion (Zn ++) and Cu (Cu ++) seem to have an affinity with the linking sites of E. coli.
Zn ion and Cu, preferably link to glycoprotein and to glycolipid of the intestinal wall, which present negative charges. 
E. coli cannot find any union site to adhere, penetrate and generate toxicity in the tissue in question. 
For this purpose the zinc/cooper ion shall be easily released at the proper time and place.
How Does Agracopper Work in the TGI?

Antiviral Effect and Excessive Immune

Response of Agracopper
The Cell Adhesion Molecules (CAMs) are proteins located on the cell surface involved in the process of adhesion to other cells or the extracellular matrix in a process called "cell adhesion". 
Cu ions get to block the joints between the Virus and the cell membrane’s CAMs, thus reducing the infection of epithelial cells in the intestine.
On the other hand, once the ions adhere to CAMs, they  can also block the joints between them and the immune cells that cause inflammation, regulating the flow of these cells to the intestinal epithelium thus preventing allergies due to excessive immune responses.

Copper Sulphate - 70%
Copper Sulphate Micro-Encapsulated
Premix for Use in Animal Feed
For every 100gr. content:
Active Material: Copper Sulphate 70%
Coating Material: Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
Agracopper is a micro encapsulated Copper Sulphate supplement. The micro encapsulation ensures a more effective release of copper in the gastro intestinal tract of the animal.
Copper Sulphide, the principal component in Agracopper contributes to improved production performance and prevention of diarrhea in piglets.
Mode of Action
The lipids of vegetable origin that form the coating Agracopper are degraded by pancreatic lipase when the product reaches the duodenum. Subsequently the copper is slowly liberated in the small intestine. In this way, the distal part of the small intestine becomes the place for obtaining micro flora modulating effect.

Copper Sulphate - 70%

Product Properties:
Appearance: Granular, free flowing powder Color: Light Blue
Odor: Characteristic, Slightly sweet fatty acid

Physical Properties:
Moisture: <3%
Particle Size: Uss 20(850u) .05% Max
Temperature of maximum 90-95 C° when coating is melting
Additional Information

Presentation: Polyethelene bags in 20kg boxes or 50kg drums.
Storage: Store in dry place, ambient moderate temperatures, in closed packaging when product is not being utilized. Shelf Life: Best before 12 months from date of manufacturing. GMO: All the ingredients used in the manufacturing of Agracopper is Non-GMO
Doses according to species
Swine: Weaning piglets 25-80 g/MT of complete feed. Other pigs 300 g/MT
Layers, Broilers, & Turkeys: 50-100 g/MT of complete feed.
Dairy Cattle: 12g of Agracopper per head, per day.
All ingredients approved by FDA under the American Association of Feed Control Officials under Official  AAFCO N° 57.150. Publication: 1,998
Country of Origin

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