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ActiBeet® Natural high-quality betaine for use in poultry


Our products

  • ActiBeet® 97 – as feed additive:

97% betaine content, pure (no anticaking agent) recommended for drinking water application, suitable for organic farming *.

  • ActiBeet® 96 – for feed/premix production:

96% betaine content + anticaking agent.

  • ActiBeet® green – for organic feed/premix production:

96% betaine content + anticaking agent applicable for organic feed production*.

* Only natural betaine as betaine anhydrate (3a920) is applicable in organic feed production according to the Regulation (EU) 2019/2164.


PE polyethylene bags (20 kg) and big bags (500 kg); min. order 1 palette (=1000 kg)

ActiBeet® the natural betaine

ActiBeet® is our natural high-quality betaine and a nutritional aid to support livestock production.

As the most efficient methyl group donor, ActiBeet® functions as a direct methyl group donor, where no metabolic conversion step is required as in the case of choline.

As a highly compatible organic osmolyte ActiBeet® restores and maintains the mineral and water balance and protects the cells against dehydration. 


  • Natural anti-heat stress agent
  • Promotion of health, especially gut health
  • Prevention of fat accumulation in the liver
  • Improved performance, high quality end-products
  • Improved litter quality
  • Better nutrient absorption, improved FCR
  • Higher production efficiency

About betaine

Betaine is a multifunctional nutrient supporting important metabolic functions. Betaine or trimethylglycine, is a zwitterionic (neutral molecule with bipolar structure) quaternary ammonium compound, with the chemical formula: (CH3) 3N + CH2COO- .

First discovered in the juice of sugar beets (Beta vulgaris), betaine occurs in many other plants (spinach, wheat, broccoli) animals (shrimps, shellfish, crabs) and microorganisms.

ActiBeet® - natural betaine is a proven multifunctional nutritional aid to protect against heat- and osmotic-stress, it is the most efficient methyl-group donor in the homocysteine - methionine cycle and it is an important source of glycine. Due to its multi-functionality, ActiBeet® supports a better nutrient utilization, higher performance and carcass quality, increasing the production efficiency.