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Sonia Quesada
Sonia Quesada
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Ruminants Nutrition Solutions to ensure animal performance

Ruminants Nutrition Solutions

Every second, more than 23,000 liters of milk are produced in the world, and feed supplements play a key role in efficiently feeding dairy cows with properly formulated rations. Feed cost is the major part of the overall cost of milk and meat production, and nutrition experts rely on high quality feed supplements to meet the nutritional needs of dairy cows.

Adisseo, a leading innovator in livestock nutrition is the driving force for the use of Methionine in dairy cow ration formulation. Our high-quality nutrition solutions help to ensure maximum animal performance and health, and our product portfolio is the number one choice of nutrition professionals when balancing dairy rations for what is generally considered the first limiting Amino Acid, Methionine.

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