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Valerie Barbot
Valerie Barbot
Antony, Ile-de-France, France

Mycotoxin Management - Range of products for mycotoxins control

Mycotoxin Management

Unike® Plus,

Good health and proper functioning of the organ systems is key for profitable animal production. With Unike® Plus, good health and maximum performance, even of the most sensitive animal is assured.


  • Best solution against broad-spectrum mycotoxin contamination in feed
  • Supports optimal functioning of the immune, reproductive, antioxidant, and digestive systems under commercial conditions
  • Allows liver, GIT, kidneys, and other organs to function without interference from toxins
  • Sustains high levels of animal fertility and overall performance

Toxy-Nil® Plus

Mycotoxins are responsible for reduced performance and impaired reproduction efficiency. It is crucial therefore to protect animals from the negative effects of mycotoxins. Toxy-Nil® Plus is an effective tool to neutralize these harmful toxins and optimize animal performance.


  • Effective protection against a broad-spectrum of mycotoxins
  • Supports animal immune and antioxidant systems
  • Improves animal fertility and performance


Mycotoxins in feed impair health and reduce performance in meat-type with significant economic losses for the producer, especially when medication costs to restore animal health are considered. Toxy-Nil® is an effective tool to minimize these risks.


  • Effective against aflatoxins and moderate mycotoxin contamination
  • Supports animal health
  • Improves animal growth and nutrient utilization