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Valerie Barbot
Valerie Barbot
Antony, Ile-de-France, France

Essential Nutrients - Range of enzymes, amino acids and vitamins

Essential Nutrients


Methionine is an essential amino acid and a basic structural element of proteins.

Animals can’t synthesize methionine on their own, so synthetic sources must be added to the feed. Adisseo offers two Rhodimet® forms: Rhodimet® AT88, a concentrated liquid source of hydroxy methionine that is particularly well suited to modern, feed factories and integrators and Rhodimet® NP99, a powder source for use in premixes or in non-automated feed factories. Adisseo has positioned itself as the market reference and meets all customers’ needs by offering the two forms.


Adisseo, the pioneer in the use of Methionine for dairy cows, and other ruminants, manufactures and markets the two premier Methonine products on the market, Smartamine M and MetaSmart. These nutrition solutions are key to Amino Acid Balancing in lactating dairy cow ration formulation.


It is an innovative source of chloride-free sodium. It provides a cost-effective solution for dietary electrolyte balance (DEB) in monogastric feeds.


It is a complete range of vitamins for the feed industry with consistently high quality and reliable supplies that meet the most stringent traceability conditions. With Microvit®, we provide our customers with not only a product, but also our expertise and innovations to help our strategic premix partners succeed in an increasingly demanding and challenging market.