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FISHFORM - Antibacterial preservative for fish storage


Preservative for raw fish and fish meal.

- FISHFORM PLUS is antibacterial and can be used to preserve the RFW/RSW-water and prevent “rotten” water prior to fishing. A small amount of FISHFORM PLUS (0.05-0.1 of the water) is added to the RFW - water at the same time as the tanks are filled.
- FISHFORM PLUS can also be used in combination with ice. FISHFORM PLUS, ice and water is filled into the tank in the harbour. FISHFORM PLUS dosage is determined according to temperature, catch and storage period using our dosing table. FISHFORM PLUS may also be added during fishing.

In certain cases FISHFORM PLUS could be used directly on the fish without extra cooling. In this case, the preservative should be sprayed on to the fish when the fish is pumped in to the storage tank. This could be a relevant method to preserve for instant capelin. The use of preservative without extra cooling presupposes that the water temperature is low and that the storage period is short.

The advantage of preserving the fish without using extra water is that the water soluble components remains in the fish and are not lost with the cooling water. This increases the dry matter content of the fish compared to fish cooled in a RSW system.

When preserving by-products, the preservative is added directly to the cut off and entrails by using our dosing unit or a simple dosage system. It is important that the pumping system is adjustable since the dosage will vary according to temperature and storage period. Our dosing system has a scale integrated to ensure correct dosage.
The dosing table indicates how much should be added at different temperature and storage periods.


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