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MINTREX® is a next-generation trace mineral and is defined as a chelated trace mineral by the Association of American Feed Council Officials (AAFCO). MINTREX chelated trace minerals combine ALIME
Finding ways to improve feed efficiency is critical to profitability. When this requires reformulating rations due to high feed costs, producers don’t want to sacrifice animal performance. With
As feed ingredient prices exhibit greater volatility and resources become scarcer, formulating to meet amino acids (AA) requirements with a methionine source from Novus helps to optimize rations and g
ACIDOMATRIXTM is a proprietary line of protected Gut Environment Modifiers (GEMs) formulated to improve feed quality and help optimize efficient nutrient uptake. ACIDOMATRIX organic acids are disperse
ACIDOMIX® is a uniquely formulated blend of organic acids - formic, lactic and fumaric - and ammonium formate, encapsulated to ensure delivery of its acidification to the lower digestive tract. In
The ACTIVATE® nutritional feed acid family of products contains a blend of organic acids and methionine hydroxy analogue (HMTBa), a highly bioavailable source of methionine. The combination of org
AGRADO® is a proprietary blend of antioxidants with superior efficacy against both animal and plant sourced fats. When included in the total mixed ration, AGRADO protects key ingredients from oxid
AVIMATRIX® is an innovative feed solution which supports poultry producers to achieve maximum bird performance in an effective and sustainable way. AVIMATRIX con
Canthaxanthin is a carotenoid pigment widely found in nature. It is an essential coloring agent that naturally occurs in bacteria, fungi, algae and insects, as well as certain fish and birds. It is th
The ability to protect raw materials and finished feeds from harmful contaminants is crucial to ensure animal performance.  Bacteria, mold, mycotoxins and aflatoxins rob ingredients of their valu
IDEA® - Immobilized Digestive Enzyme Assay - accurately quantifies protein and amino acid digestibility values of your poultry and pork feed ingredients. Developed and backed by Novus Internation
MAAC® chelated trace minerals were the first chelates recognized by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). These minerals are highly bioavailable due to their combination with
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