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BetaFix® is an entero-adsorbent of mycotoxins. It is efficient against polar and non-polars mycotoxins and does not interact with vitamins and minerals. The three active ingredients are yeast cell
Natural aluminosilicate from high purity bentonite clays extracted from South America. High efficiency to adsorb polar mycotoxins such as Aflatoxins and T-2. Dioxin-free.
StarFix® is a revolution in mycotoxin binding that combines in a single product the main principles of mycotoxin adsorption in association with a hepatic regenerator. It is highly efficient agains
MegaFix® is a second-generation entero-adsorbent of mycotoxins that combines the main principles of adsorption already studied, with an enzyme complex that breaks down and inactivates the main myc
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