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Functional fiber constituted by MOS and ß-glucans. ImmunoWall® promotes balance and integrity in gut microflora due to its efficiency to agglutinate pathogenic bacteria as Salmonella&nb
A source of free nucleotides, the ideal form of absorption. Hilyses® supports the early development of young animals and the efficiency of breeders, improving the feed conversion and overall produ
Yeast culture with the highest concentration of yeast metabolites, β-glucans and MOS.  It stimulates the cellulolytic bacteria activity boosting the rumen’s microflora condition. Impro
Organic selenium rich in selenomethionine, the ideal form of adsorption. Selenium plays an essential role in the animal’s life cycle reducing the oxidative process and cellular aging, it is also
Probiotic based on active yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain. ActiveFlora® was developed to resist the rumen environment and monogastric intestinal tract.
Autolyzed yeast obtained by a process that stimulates cellular disruption through endogenous enzymes, leading to a higher availability of peptides, dipeptides, and short-chain polypeptides. Lyscell&re
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