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Alleviating Stress Stress factors such as handling, sudden environmental changes, feeding programmes, diet composition changes, vaccination,  disease challenges, infections and impaired immune r
Improving the digestibility of a ruminant diet A major part of ruminant diet contains fiber, but fiber is poorly digested and utilized. More than 80% of dietary protein and 90% of starch are digestib
Gut Health Intestinal health is the most determining factor for animal health in general, herd performance and eventually farm profitability. Pathogenic bacteria may colonise the gastrointestina
Methionine High yielding dairy cows have a high demand for energy and protein. The first limiting amino acids for high productive dairy cattle are methionine and lysine. Dairy cows are fed protein ri
Rumen-protected form The availability of some nutrients is a known challenge in ruminant nutrition. Many nutrients are already degraded before reaching the small intestine. To meet the cow nutrient r
Nitrogen® Rumination has been well recognized as an essential fermentation that is capable of preparing end-products, particularly volatile fatty acids and microbial proteins as major energy and
Intestinal microflora At birth a young calf is sterile and the intestinal tract does not contain any significant microflora. During birth process and immediately after birth, the calf gets in co
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