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Alleviating Stress Stress factors such as handling, sudden environmental changes, feeding programmes, diet composition changes, vaccination,  disease challenges, infections and impaired immune r
Myco-Marker®is a patent pending DIAGNOSTIC TOOL to evaluate possible exposure to mycotoxins and their impact on animal health. It allows detection and diagnosis of mycotoxin-mediated health and pe
A healthy herd Intestinal health is the most determining factor for pig and poultry health in general, herd performance and eventually farm profitability. Harmful bacteria such as E.coli ma
Overcoming Stress Escent L is especially designed for drinking water application, which is a synonym for flexibility, efficiency and profitability, and has a very wide action radius.It reduces and ov
Gut Health Intestinal health is the most determining factor for animal health in general, herd performance and eventually farm profitability. Pathogenic bacteria may colonise the gastrointestina
Feed Quality Feed quality is key to animal performance and contributes to the profitability. Both microbiological and chemical processes of the raw materials and the feed lower their nutritional valu
A boost for chick energy, vitality and immunity Immediate access to feed and water has a great effect in triggering the right momentum of growth in day old chicks and this growth promoting effect las
Respiratory diseases Several common and important diseases can affect the respiratory system (air passages, lungs, air sacs) of poultry. Diseases of the respiratory tract account for a significa
Liver Protection The liver performs several essential functions related to digestion, metabolism, nutrient storage within the body as well as immunity. As this organ is the center of the metabol
Intestinal Health Nowadays genetic potential of monogastric farm animals allows the animals to grow faster by using less feed. To perform up to this genetic potential the nutritional quality of the d
In livestock diets, fats and oils are very important sources of energy which are usually added to increase the energy concentration in the diet and improve performance. Approximately 90% of the fat is
Mycotoxins Feed contaminated with mycotoxins causes a serious range of problems including reductions in feed intake, growth performance, reproductive-, health and immunity problems. Symptoms are ofte
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