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Selsaf®3000 is a natural source of highly bioavailable organic selenium, assimilated through active transport. The main compounds of Selsaf®3000 are L-selenomethionine and L-selenocysteine. L
ActiSaf Sc 47 is a complete range of thermostable live yeast concentrate Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Sc 47 is produced by a unique Lesaffre manufacturing process that ensures a better stability, which m
Safizym is a range of cellulolytic & hemicellulolytic feed enzymes. Safizym is available in liquid and powder forms.A range of cellulolytic enzymes obtained via the flooded fermentation of a caref
SafMannan, the premium quality yeast cell wall. SafMannan is well balanced in mannans & glucans and provides a guaranteed consistent analysis. The product works to activate the animals immune sys
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