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Rhodimet®  Methionine is an essential amino acid and a basic structural element of proteins. Animals can’t synthesize methionine on their own, so synthetic sources must be added to th
Rovabio® Excel It is a feed additive containing a combination of 19 active enzymes produced by only one non-genetically modified fungus (Talaromyces versatilis). As such, these enzymes are natur
Apex® Apex® products are phytogenic mixtures that have been optimized by research for efficacy and stability. Using in vivo and in vitro techniques, Adisseo has explored the mode of action of
Mold-Nil® Is a range of mold inhibitors which are made with a unique synergistic blend of active ingredients to combat molds and yeasts. The quality of feed and feed material is determined by it
Unike® Plus, Good health and proper functioning of the organ systems is key for profitable animal production. With Unike® Plus, good health and maximum performance, even of the most sensitive
Every hour, there are nearly 10,000 more people to feed in the world. Poultry is known to play a major role in human nutrition. It combines nutritional benefits with affordability and no religious res
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