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Antibiotics has been regularly used as growth promoter but due to appearance of traces of Antibiotics in meat, milk and eggs, and appearance of bacterial resistance it has been banned in most of the c
Herbal Immunomodulator, Antistressor, rejuvenator & Performance Enhancer Problems:Stress is a common cause of various diseases , vaccination failure, immunosupression & loss in production
Diarrhea is a very common problem in animals associated with inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, varying degree of dehydration & acid base imbalance.Etiology/Causative factors:  Bacter
Mycotoxins are natural contaminators produced by certain forms of moulds which develop in crop before harvest or during storage. These mycotoxins decrease productivity of poultry farmingTOXIROAK GOLD
Quite often, farmers face problems with the presence of multiple sources of myco-toxins in their animal feed. Conventional solutions to this problem often have the disadvantage of working against toxi
Multiaction Skin Gel/SprayProblems: The major skin problems are: Fungal infections & bacterial infections FMD lesions Scabies Wound Pyoderma Mange Solution:Charmil is a scientific blen
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